[Welcome] New Members for May 15, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Marie Annette Gniazdowski
East Aurora, NY. USA

I am a self-employed jeweler with a traditional metal-smithing
background. I am working more and more with fine silver metal clay.

Perla Segovia
Atkinson, NC. USA

Hello all, I mainly work with glass and know basic jewelry
techniques and would like to learn about jewelry making in a more
professional level.

Fiona Watts

Have been making silver jewellery for over 20 years. Recently (about
5 years ago) discovered the world of lampworking so I’m trying to
combine silver and glass. Always looking to learn anything new, and
I’m willing to give most projects a go!

Lynn Todd
Woodstock, GA. USA

I took a beginners metalsmithing class 4 years ago and have been
advancing my skills on my own ever since (with a lot of trial and
error!). I’m always seeking knowledge and trying to better my
skills. I hope to reach a point where I can help others.

My designs are rustic, using primarily oxidized silver, and geared
towards men.

Ola Pietrucka
Warsaw, Poland

My name is Ola and I come from Poland where live a lot of very
capable artists :). Gallery Olissima is my special project on met
life and my third child :). It’s the fruit of over 10 years of
experience gained by working with other galleries of jewelry and
knowledge gained while studying at the Dep artment of Art History,
University of Warsaw. I’m 40 years old and jewelry it’s my passion,
not only like a decorations, but a unique kind of a high art in a
little size :)…