[Welcome] New Members for May 15, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Drue L Sanders
Drue Sanders Custom Jewleers
Albany, New York. USA


I am a designer, jeweler that has been in business for over 35
years. I have my BA in Studio Art, MA in Jewelry making and design,
GG in gemology.

I own a free standing location between the entrances of the largest
and busiest Mall in our area.

I transitioned from carving wax to working in 3 D CAD 10 years ago,
we have our own rapid prototype machine. I have a staff of
five,three jewelers and two sales.

Love what I do and enjoy going to work every day!

Suzanna Ramone
Suzanna Ramone Studios
Terrace, British Columbia. Canada


I am a self taught jewelry artist and I began designing and
fabricating jewelry in January 2010. I rely heavily on the internet
for all my learning needs as I live in a remote part of Canada and
do not have access to formal instruction or training. I appreciate
sites such as The Ganoksin Project, You Tube and Jewelry Geeks as
this is where most of my knowledge comes from, the rest from trial
and error.

Dorothy Briggs
Portola Valley, CA. USA

I am a new subscriber to Orchid Digest and look forward to sharing
I am particularily interested in learning if anyone has
instructions for building a small personal sized spray etcher. I
took a class at the Mendocino Art center several years ago in which
we used one and I would like to try to make one. If anyone has
regarding this I would greatly appreciate hearing from