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[Welcome] New Members for May 14, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Gabriele Dunn Dunn
Makawao, Hawaii. USA

Beginning student jeweler, have my own slowly developing studio and
love fabrication- it makes me happy!I have a fondness for sea
shells, particularly NICE sea shells. I hunger for on
"How-to" do various techniques and sadly, I find that the plethora
of books I have purchased from the usual fabulous jewelry artists
are a bit redundant in listing techniques and I somehow always seem
to need to know the exact thing that NO ONE has included in their
book. I am especially interested in learning unusual setting
techniques (a la John Cogswell, “Creative Stonesetting”, the BEST
book of them all).

Desiree Shotwell Shotwell
Beaver, Utah, USA

I have mined, cut rocks and stone my whole life.