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[Welcome] New Members for May 13, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Andrei Sula
Amelucis Man’s
Lethbridge, Alberta. Canada

My name is Andre and I am teh creator of Ameluci’s Man’s Jewelry. A
mans line that focuses on simplicity and the beauty of genuine
metals and I am looking for partners/suppliers that can
offer mountings/settings in palladium or other metals whose value
ranges in between that of palladium and silver (not including

Tim Mahoney
Mahoney’s Studio
Chandler, USA

I am a stone cutter who also dabbles in mixed media combining Stone,
Metal, and Wood.

Tonmoy Gope
Afinity Designs Ltd
Mumbai, Maharastra. India

Hi I’ve been associated with this industry for about 14 years now.
I’ve mostly been involved in the Commercial side of the business but
had enough opportunity to be involved in the production processes of
a large multi location manufacturer. I’ve done some hands on bench
work as well to gain more insight. But overall I am a novice and
looking to shore up my knowledge more so since I’ve opened a small
workshop of my own !

Lynn M McElwee
Bristol, UK

Hi, I have been having the digest for a long while now and thought
it time I signed up for the forums. I tend towards making ‘pretty’ I
just love making flowers!

Manuel Dauvin
Salem, Oregon. USA

I have been paying my bills as a cabinetmaker for the last ten
years, making the odd set of wedding rings for friends here and
there. I made a large commission two years ago for my parish. I am
now starting back at goldsmithing full-time. My interest is entirely
in the expression of catholic theology. I am not judgmental or
bigoted. Back in my teens I simply decide that if the Eucharist
truly was the Body of Christ then I would like to devote my life to
making worthy vessels and liturgical furnishings. Anyway I was a
member of these forums twelve years ago and am very happy to be

Katie Amy Saunders
Oblivion Jewellery
Rosieres, France

Hello, My name’s Katie Saunders and I am a silversmith based in the
Ardeche region of France. I sell at a number of UK galleries as well
as running my own Etsy shop. I enjoy casting, stone-setting and