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[Welcome] New Members for May 13, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Olga Doutkevitch
College Station, TX. USA

I am an artist, mostly in the jewelry field. I do have a huge
experience in the fine enamel work, including portrait miniature
painting on enamel, as well as restoration of enamel and miniature
painting in different mediums. I like to research traditional fine
jewelry techniques ( my restoration work helped greatly in this);
and imagine how old masters goldsmiths would work… Super modern
designs are great, too ! So, I often combine the two : easy mastery
of techniques of the past – and cool new ideas I envision now. Of
course, to get that " easy mastery " takes lot of work…

Cindy Kacian
Royalston, USA

I am new to jewelry making and am hoping this forum will answer
those questions that are hard to find the answers to in books I have
on jewelry making as well as find advice and creative ideas.

Zainab Koroma
Charleston, IL. USA

I am a beginning jewelry artist interested in eventually starting my
own small jewelry design business. I am interested in learning as
many tools as I can to create interesting, functional, quality
jewelry. In joining this community I hope to learn from other
experienced artists and contribute what I am learning in the
process. My interests are (but not limited to) working with metals
and found objects. I am interested in on

Glad to be here. Zainab

Mariana Sammartino
Houston, TX. USA

designer and maker