[Welcome] New Members for March 9, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Ron Hightower
Lonely Mountain Jewelry
Anchorage, Alaska. USA


I’m a retired airline pilot making jewelry professionally for 12
years. I’m currently the only designer in my shop. I use CAD/CAM, do
my own casting and bench work. I do use other bench jewelers for
work that I’m unable to schedule in my shop.

I’ve enjoyed Ganoksin and check it from time to time for bench tips.
My thanks to the Ganoksin community!

Dana Ellen Evans
Lorton, VA. USA

I am a former architect and current stay-at-home mom who has made a
serious hobby out of metalsmithing and lapidary. I’m new (only 5
years part-time) to both and am always looking for generous people
who don’t mind sharing about their techniques,
materials, etc…

Shuana Rose
Jamesport, New York. USA

I first fell in love with jewelry making and design when I was about
13 or 14. I took an amazing class with a wonderful teacher that was
offered at my school. That Christmas my parents gave me jewelry
making supplies and my dad built me a workbench in the basement. For
the last 10 years or so I have focused on beaded jewelry and what I
could make out of wire. I love, love, love stones/gems. I am
recently taking a jewelry class in an old silversmith’s shop in
Southampton, New York. It’s amazing. I am learning so much. I have
dreams of setting up a bench in my basement but with being a mom to a
very busy little 20 month old girl and being a Spanish teacher takes
up most of my time.