[Welcome] New Members for March 8, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Sharon Adjmi
Brooklyn, NY. USA

I am a studio jeweler in New York. I’ve studied with various
teachers privately and attended F.I.T. for some time.I enjoy the art
of making jewelry as well as the design process.

Phyllis McNabb
Prince Albert, SK. Canada

I am an intermediate metal worker/dental gold technician looking to
expand my jewelery skills.

Laura Sheppard-Andersen
Rosaries and Jewelry by Laura
Aurora, USA


I have been making rosaries for about 30 years and jewelry almost as
long. Due to a lung condition, I cannot do anything which involves
chemicals or flames (which obviously leaves out quite a few aspects
of jewelry making) so I work mainly with wire, which fortunatly I
love. I also enjoy learning as much as I can about working with
anything that has to do with metal and wire that can be done with
cold connections.

Jennifer Mercado
Tustin, CA. USA

I am currently a freelance jeweler and artist working towards
developing my own unique jewelry line. I have worked alongside a
great deal of jewelers and designers since obtaining my degree in
Fine Arts in Los Angeles in the year 2000. I like to incorprate
elements of my painting and drawing techniques into my jewelry work,
particularly in the wax work that I specialize in. The spirit of
nature inspires my designs to unfold into delicate creations.

Christopher L Johnston
Omaruru, Namibia

I am an American ex-pat long time resident of Namibia, I was active
in the Ganoskin network for a number of years and came back. I look
forward to renewing the contact.Over the years I have porvided the
industry with Various garnets,tourmalines and exotics.

Len W Klutts
klutts jewelers, ltd
Morgan city, LA. USA


My name is Len Klutts, I have been a full time jeweler since 1974.
Part time before that since 1969. I have a full service jewelry
store, I do cad cam design using matrix. I use a roland mill with
protowizard fixtures. I design, mill, cast, finish, set most all my
own designs. I do cad and milling for other stores. My store was
started by my father in 1957.

Karina Mattei
Mattei Galleria
Brookline, MA. USA


I have been making jewelry for 35 years… .I work in gold,platinum
and use all gem stones. I have been very lucky to be self employed
for 25 years. What is amazing is there is there is still more to