[Welcome] New Members for March 5, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Brent Jones
Morehead, KY. USA

Thanks so much. I have been lurking on this forum on and off for a
while. This is always my “go to” place for answers to jewelry
fabrication questions. I like to experiment with lots of techniques
like Keum Boo, Nilieo, reticulation, etc… there is such a wealth
of about just about any technique here.

Carmen Trueheart
Saint Augustine, FL. USA


I am a person who loves to make jewelry that is one of a kind, and
to continue learning in the process.

I am also simply a person who loves animals, and in particular my

Ottomar Herlinger
Esslingen, Germany

I am a gem cutter and make also some jewellry in silver.

Margery Hirschey
Margery Hirschey, Inc.
Boulder, CO. USA


I have been making gold jewelry for about five years and selling
nationally for about 2 years. I like very primitive styles and I am
very much still learning about the process of making jewelry and I
would like to learn more.

Susan Becker
Goulash Designs
Downers Grove, IL. USA


I started out making glass beads a few years ago. After not wanting
to spread myself too thin, by adding metal clay, I gave in and
decided that it worked so well with glass beads. I’m now adding
metalsmithing to the mix. That’s all! I swear!