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[Welcome] New Members for March 4, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Landen Gailey
Hendersonville, NC. USA

On a lifetime journey of tinkering with the secrets of materials…I
want to know what makes things tick! I have a strong affinity to
earth secrets…rocks, fossils and minerals, the essential elements,
and could never resist playing in clay. I am obsessed with the
transformations of fire and m ust also confess, I wolf my food.

Sally Suzanne Bedrosian
St. Petersburg, Florida. USA

I have been a working artist for over 60 years choosing to work in
sterling silver in the mid 90’s. I love fabricating the metal and
adding found objects to enhance a piece. I have been travelling since
my youth when my father tossed me in the back of the car and told mom
to pack the bags. We we re off to the mountains of Vermont and New
Hampshire. I haven’t stopped since. During 38 years of marriage I
have seen all of the 50 states, at least twice, and most of Canada.
Upon my husband’s retirement, we travelled abroad. I found Scotland
to be my favorite country with Paris my favorite city. South of
France is pretty wonderfull, too. I have currently illustrated my
first children’s book with a second one in process. A fun new
challenge. I am a member of the West Coast chapter of Florida Society
of Goldsmiths and am registrar for their summer workshop at
Wildacres, North Carolina. I live in St. Petersburg Florida with a
summer “cabin” (Airstream trailer) in Northern Michigan for summer
getaways. More later…

Barbara Jean Black
Absinthe Artisan Jewelry
Bermuda Dunes, CA. USA

I am a fairly new designer and am expanding my horizons by taking
all sorts of classes until I find my niche. I currently teach chain
maille jewelry weave and am looking forward to branching out into
other forms of metal work. In less than 30 days I will be retiring
to my passion.

Kelly Tzannes
Lexington, MA. USA

Hello - I am a beginner jeweler and was recommended to join this
site by Cynthia Eid - I hope it works this time as it didn’t seem
too the first time I tried…thanks.

Stephen Lennane
Hanworth, Norfolk. UK

Silversmith working in U.K. and France

Marby Lee
Morgan Hill, USA

Trying to learn more about stone cutting and polishing.