[Welcome] New Members for March 30, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Jade Moran
Somerville, MA. USA


I’m a custom jeweler working primarily in the lost wax casting
technique. My business has been open for 16 years.

Mary Gohman
St cloud, MN. USA

self employed gold and silversmith for over 35 years

David Neil Worcester
David Worcester Designs
Fallbrook, CA. USA


I’ve been a manufacturing jewelry designer in both retail and
wholesale. Cutting my teeth in the gold fine jewelry sector, I have
been exploring the world of silver in recent years.

My schooling was in sculpture, and I received my BFA from Rhode
Island School of Design in 1972, transitioning into jewelry making
in 1976, and remaining in the discipline ever since then.

David Preston
California Institute of Jewelry Training
Cameron park, CA. USA

i worked as a bench jeweler for about six years and im teaching
jewelry arts i want to learn as much as i can so i can pass it on to
my students.