[Welcome] New Members for March 30, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

H Diamond
Ontario Canada

I have been designing and making jewellery for about 4 years and
have an uncontrollable urge to learn and make everything. I am
currently fascinated by metalwork and will use whatever I am able to
get my hands on. My name is Denny and I am a tool junkie.

John Caro
Jewelry By Design
Woodbridge, VA. USA

started making in 1968, Now I sit on the computer more than on the
bench but I still love Jewelry Business is good…Thank God

Sharlene Festin
The Spiral Studio
Quezon City, Metro Manila. Philippines


Fell in love with jewelry when my mother would buy me little
trinkets when I was young girl. I am a self-taught handmade jewelry
maker on week-ends and on weeknights, stressed out corporate gal by
day, all around crazy creative 24/7.

Christa Landreth
Roswell, USA

Amateur metalsmith who loves it.

Anna Simon
Three Birds Jewelry, LLC
Whitmore Lake, Mi. USA

Some of my fondest memories are from family camping trips. My
parents took us on many camping adventures in Michigan and out west.
I would always manage to come home with a suitcase 10 pounds heavier
than it started, filled with rocks that had neat shapes, patterns,
or colors. I loved our Michigan beach adventures collecting Petoskey
stones and beach shells.

My fascination with nature comes through in my creative outlets
including metalsmithing, sewing, paper crafts, & knitting. As a
metalsmith I am primarily self taught. I tend to incorporate natural
elements into my work. I would describe myself as a developing
artist, still finding my personal style. if you’d like to learn more
about me and my jewelry.

My homepage is threebirdsjewelry.com and I hope to be adding content

Thanks for reading!

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Aaron Hockerday
ADH Gems
Otterham, Cornwall. UK

Supplier and repairer of antique and vintage jewellery and watches.
If it is quirky then we like it!!!

Beth Burns
Woodbury, CT. USA

I am a jewelry artist. I have worked in many mediums over the years
but presently am working with PMC and metal. I have loved to make
things since I was a small child, guess I never outgrew it !!