[Welcome] New Members for March 3, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Lynn Fieldhouse
Nekoosa, WI. USA

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1955. There I
studied Art metal work under Arthur Vierthaler, primarily designing
jewelry in sterling silver. Besides metal smithing, Lapidary work,
Enameling and many other techniques were taught. After graduation, I
set up my studio at home and I did bench work for Irv Kinney,
Goldsmith. He did mostly engagement and wedding rings, so I did
silver work for the “walk-in trade”. In 1971, I started teaching at
the Madison Area Technical College (MATC) and worked there until
2008. I found my niche. I loved it and all the wonderful students
that I had. I taught mostly Adult Ed classes. I worked with Douglas
Wilson, now the blacksmith on Deer Isle, Me. He is responsible for
me getting into Blacksmithing, working larger in steel and bronze.
Now that I am retired, I am working in Enamels on copper and steel.
I am widowed and I have two sons and two granddaughters.

Barbara R Laffan
Venice, CA. USA

I’m a fairly new jewelry artist, especially interested in
metalsmithing and coloring. I also do bead-weaving. I’m interested in
finding other jewelers, seeing what work is being done, and also
showing my work.

Frank Fraser
Tempe, AZ. USA

I am a good jeweler interested in reading about whats going on

Michele A Friedman
Chicago, IL. USA

I am a full time studio jeweler in Chicago, IL. Currently the main
focus of my work is jewelry fabricated in sterling silver, 18k
Bi-metal and set with wool felt. This line started in 2005 as a
result of my desire to incorporate color, pattern and texture into
my work.

I market my jewelry through juried art & craft shows across the US,
a very small selection of bricks and mortar galleries, my website,
Etsy and Facebook.

Please welcome our newest members…

Emily Jean Copp
Enmore, NSW. Australia

A life long love of jewellery and adornment has led to currently
undertaking the Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design in
Sydney, Australia. So much to learn - so little time!

Nancy Sopp
Anchorage, USA

I have been a teacher, a mother, a yarn-dyer, a treasurer of a
non-profit, and a learner of the German language. I am finally
finding time to make beaded and textile jewelry, which I enjoy very