[Welcome] New Members for March 29, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Janie Fuller
Fuller Image Design
Palm City, FL. USA

About three or four years ago, I took up the hobby of making bead and
wire-wrap jewelry and of teaching others these techniques, while
working full time for Uncle Sam in the Uniformed Services. My only
previous jewelry experience was a few gold and silver pieces I made
using the lost wax technique when I was working in the dental field.
I left dentistry (and access to the soldering, welding, and casting
equipment) in 1993. So, when I recently rediscovered jewelry making
it was limited to equipment I could pack in a suitcase when I was
called up to travel. I recently left the Service and want to devote
my new-found time to expanding my jewelry work and to setting up a
small workspace at my home. I am considering how far to broaden my
work and how much to spend on equipment. I am looking for information
on tools, techniques, sources for supplies, and tips and tricks of
the trade. This site is helping me translate my old knowledge of
dental metals and instruments to the new field of jewelry - and I
don’t have to ask anyone to “open wider, please.”

Shelley Higham
Chittering, WA. Australia

Starting out in silversmithing, self taught with a lot of help from
the internet. Have so many ideas going around in my head and not
enough time in the day.