[Welcome] New Members for March 28, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Helen Robertson
Shetland, Scotland

I design and make textile jewellery. I mostly use silver and copper
wire and am currently trying to increase my skill level with solid
metal so I can combine the two. I’m never happier than when my
fingers smell of metal.

James Haunroth
Worth, IlL. USA

I am just starting out and looking further into this subject.

Courtney Gray
Austin, Texas. USA

Creative Side is a multifaceted jewelry headquarters in central Texas
offering over 35 classes every semester to beginners and advanced
students. Private classes, studio rentals and unique workshops such
as Forged Together, where couples make their own wedding rings, are
offered on an ongoing basis. The studio is home to Courtney Gray Arts
and the Creative Side Collective, a society of local and
international artisans. Creative Side is now holding registration for
Summer 2014. To learn more about the classes offered, visit

Lourival Castro
Belo Horizonte, MG. Brazil

Self-tought looking for more to enrich the knowledge
about jewelry!