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[Welcome] New Members for March 27, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Jeri L McConnaughey
Silverhill, AL. USA

Hi I’m Jeri! I’ve been making jewelry for about 20 years now. My
husband was a 3rd generation jeweler, I learned the trade from him.
We did pretty much all the standard stuff, wholesale, retail,
repairs, and mainly custom work. I also do some stone cutting and
gem carving, although these days my jewelry work has been mainly for
myself and friends. Always interested in learning new things and I
love the ideas I’ve seen shared over the years on the list! (Was a
member before and dropped out for a while) It’s good to be back.

Mary A Schultz
Palatine, IL. USA

I have been making jewelry for several years now. I have no formal
training, and would like to find a program in jewelry and
metalsmithing. So far it has been very hard to find one in my area.
Most are just listed under “Art,” kind of like an afterthought.

In the past I have gotten much useful from this site and
I decided to join.

Cheryl J Van Dyck
Lavender Cottage Originals
Greeneville, TN. USA

A long-time forum lurker who turned full-time metalsmith last fall
when I quit my day job. I make handcrafted silver art jewelry which
I sell on line and through galleries and wholesale. Living my dream
and loving it!