[Welcome] New Members for March 26, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Savannah Lees-Haley
Oakland, California. USA

I’ve had a passion for making jewelry since childhood. I love every
step of the process and I work in all sorts of materials from
precious metals to found objects to paper, glass, fabric, wood, etc.
I have a degree in Art History and I often look at jewelry through
that lens–I’m greatly intereste d in the history of mankind’s
discoveries of working with metals and the human desire to adorn,
decorate, and express ourselves.

Nick Grant Barnes
Silver Spring, Maryland. USA

Hi - Nick has been designing/manufacturing & teaching in the US for
nearly 20 years.

Works mostly to commission, but enjoys the challenge of exhibition
shows, which he has taken part widely, both in print, virtual & hard

He lives, works & plays in the greater D. C. area with his family;
animals and friends.

Stacia Woods
Blanco, TX. USA

I have been making jewelry since 1976. I fabricate, hand carve wax
and also work with the Matrix CAD program and have a laser. I work
with silver, gold and platinum. I am willing to share anything I
know and am always open to learn new things!