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Please welcome our newest members…

Ivy Hagedorn
Joplin, MO. USA, 64804

I am a self-taught jewelry artisan and am just beginning to try to
market and sell my work online and in art shows.

Most of my current work features upcycled vintage components, cold
connections, and some torch-fire enamel work. I am interested in
learning more techniques so that I can keep growing as an artist.

Charles Hart Bengyak
Austin, Texas. USA

We Buy, Sell, Trade, Design and Repair Contemporary, Vintage,
Antique and Heirloom Jewelry, Watches, Coins, Bullion and Precious

We are dealers of vintage, antique and custom made Jewelry and Coins
of Rarity, Elegance and Distinction.

We Deal in GIA Diamonds and Other Precious Gemstones In All Shapes,
Sizes and Colors.

We deal in Fine Watches and Pocket Watches. We do Watch Repair,
Battery Replacement, Crystals, Watch Band Adjustments and more. All
work done on the Premises

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call us. Thank you
for reading.

Robert E Chase
Southampton, NY. USA

I have been in the jewelry business since high school. My parents
opened the store in 1980. When I graduated in 1986 I worked full
time as a jeweler learning the trade as I went along. I purchased
the store from my parents in 2006. I have a laser welder which
allows me to do many repair jobs tha t could not be done without one.
We do most work on premisis, which greatly pleases our customers.

Scott McQuaid
Jacksonville, MD. USA

I have been a goldsmith since 1987, I do anything from repair to
custom work and do use Matrix for design. Have had a retail business
for 11 years.

Dick Amos
Wray, CO. USA

I have a small full line jewelry store in a small town that I have
operated for many years. Most of my time at the bench is more of
taking care of the items I have sold in the past than creating a
show case full of new creations.

Loann Stokes
Stillwater, Minnesota. USA

I have been in the bench portion of the jewelry industry since 1978.
(Oh how it pains me to admit that!) I have owned my own retail store
since 1990. Besides standard retail stuff we do all aspects of
jewelry repair and restoration. The only work we currently offer “to
the trade” on a wholesale level is pearl and bead restringing. (Let
us know if you want a price list!) Knowledge is always good - there
is always something new out there and we thank you for sharing it
with us!

Janet Holmes
Delta, BC. Canada

I purchased my dads jewelry store when retired after 20 years in the
retail business. When I started over 3 years ago I no experience, no
Jewellery content to speakers if and a talented goldsmith and
watchmaker. So I started off more as a repair shop than a jewelry
store. Over the years I have grown into a full service jewelry
store/repair center. I have personally learned alot and gave a
thirst for knowledge to help me grow my family business. Sounds like
this is the place to be.

Marie Anne Hammond Waller
Carlisle, Cumbria. UK

I am a busy wife, Mum & Grandma who love’s being creative. I love
working with materials to produce items of beauty to be worn and
enjoyed. My favourite materials are Silver, Copper, and Enamel. I
have a passion for vintage fabric’s and patterns. I work part time
for myself designing Jewellery, Cor setes and Lingerie and I have
also created period costume for Museums, Galleries and Re-enactors.

I’m just a busy little bee @ heart :slight_smile:

Claire Allain
Wakefield, New Zealand

Hi my name is Claire Allain and I have been making contemporary
jewellery since I graduated from Birmingham University (U. K.) nearly
twenty years ago!!I have both worked in the trade and also have owned
my own gallery when I lived in Cornwall U. K. I now have a more
sedate life here in beautiful N.Z and make ranges in sterling silver
and also anodised aluminium. With the prices of precious metals
soaring I am exploring more avenues for body adornment and hence my
life is absorbed with hours of fun in the workshop. I have so many
ideas that my brain is on overload all the time, if only there w ere
more hours in the day!! I look forward meeting you all x

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