[Welcome] New Members for March 25, 2011

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Judy Ann Anderson
Ruskin, FL. USA

I am taking silversmithing classes, I do wire & bead jewelry, some
wirewrapping, and fuse dichroic glass for jewelry making. I also do
stained glass and have been a porcelain artist for many years. I
enjoy making Viking knit chains and beaded Kumihimo necklaces.

Katherine Marie Spahr
Katherine Marie Designs
Monument, CO. USA

I was born in 1979
I live in Colorado

I have been making jewelry for 14 years.
I specialize in inlay.
My favorite metals to work with are 24k and Red Golds.

Mona Gill
Sydney, Canada

I’ve been making sterling silver jewelry for 4 years now. It’s
something I always wanted to do, and I was fortunate to have been
taught by the best silversmith/jewelry artisan in our area.

I put a small studio in my home, and, although it’s not my
livelihood, I do ok selling out of my home. I also have my work in a
store in our province’s capital, Halifax, where I do quite well.

I want to continue to learn as much as I can about the art of silver
jewelry making, and look forward to absorbing as much as I can from

Dana Louise Blackwell
Bold Jewels
Hampton, NH. USA


My grandmother, Honey, is responsible for my love affair with
jewelry. She also gave me the idea that I can do anything I want as
long as I dont mind some failures long the way. I have definitely had
some failures while making jewelry but Ive also had some success and
a lot of fun. My friend and I started a small business called Bold
Jewels that has allowed us to make just enough money to keep learning
more about jewelry making. We started out stringing beads, moved to
wire winding, then precious metal clay and now were getting into
soldering. Were self taught with the exception of a class we took at
a local art gallery on ring making. Im looking to this forum for
help. Help with techniques, setting up my studio, tool maintenanceI
could go on and on. I recently purchased a used hydroflux welder. Im
definitely in over my head and I see some failures and some fun in my

Nancy DeLong Skinner
A Fine Line
Rittman, Ohio. USA

I have always been an artist, experiencing the joy and pain that go
along with it. About 10 years ago I bought a book and some beads on
a whim. You know what happened. Today I make one of a kind pieces. I
am now setting up a website and starting to market in my community.

I have worked with many different media and have taught most of
them. Right now I teach a drawing class based on the right/left
brain theory. I love to research historical crafts. I have worked in
natural dyes, experimenting to rediscover lost techniques. I have
just spent the last three summers collecting rose petals and trying
to duplicate the medieval rose petal beads that were used in their

The challenges I’m now facing are deciding what to focus on and
learning to use the computer technology that is available. There is
always something new to learn in life. I am looking forward to
seeing and hearing what you all are doing.

Hans Pennell
Beaverton, Oregon. USA

recently retired, 35 years in the bussiness. casting, wax
prototypes, repairs, setting, etc.