[Welcome] New Members for March 24, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Gregg P. Lyell
Gregg’s Gems and Mining, LLc
Laurel, Maryland. USA

My name is Gregg Lyell and I have been in the diamond and gold trade
since 1969. For the last 14 years or so I was living in Sierra
Leone, west Africa mining and buying diamonds and gold. I held the
Diamond Dealers license from 2000 until my departure back home in

My home is now in Maryland next to DC but I am always ready to go
back to Africa and work. I take investors to West Africa, mainly
Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria for rough diamonds and

We also offer mining operation setups in the countries as well to
interested individuals. I can take an investor and set him/her up in
a diamond buying operation in Sierra Leone from starting their
company to exporting their diamonds through the GDO, in Freetown.

I am currently organizing a small gold mining operation in Northern
Nigeria and my future plans are for moving to Ecuador for gold
mining and give diamonds a rest for awhile.

If I can assist you in any way please contact me and let me know
what you want. I offer my cutter for your diamond cutting needs as
well and that includes re-cutting of damaged and broken polished
diamonds also.

Thank you and have a good day
Gregg and Yema Lyell

Kathryn Les Kerr
Tucson, AZ. USA

Hobbyist, I make fine silver chain

Lori Yvonne Persoon
Freeland, WA. USA

I enjoy self learning when I have how to make wire jewelry and how
to solder precious metal. I am a very happy wife and mom. My husband
and I have three wonderful son’s and I can’t leave out our awsome
pet dog, Thrasher2.