[Welcome] New Members for March 24, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

TIJT Student Association
Paris, Tx. USA

We are students at the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology in
Paris, Tx.

Tamara Richardson
Decatur, Ga. USA

I’m making jewelry in my home and I just found out about this
wonderful forum…I have lots of questions as I am relatively new to
this work. I look forward to picking the brains of these experienced

Tom Fuller
Hudson Oalks, Texas. USA

I am a late bloomer having began my jewelry making at age 68. I
enjoy working with copper and other metals and have been doing some
chemical etching that has been fun. I have made some interesting
pieces of jewelry. I enjoy people and exchanging ideas and look
forward to my association with Orchid.

Mike Blackman
Waterloo Bronzes
Chichester, West Sussex. UK

Hi, I am retired from fulltime employment. I am setting up a workshop
to cast model soldiers (1/72nd scale) in bronze and silver. I have
already sold some that were cast for me in a centrifugal casting
machine in a dental laboratory. I have all the equipment apart from
the casting machine,which is where I have two options,centrifugal or
vacuum. I would welcome any advice on the advantages of the above
methods. Thanks.