[Welcome] New Members for March 23, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Raymond Louis Blundell
rlblundell jewellery
Southport, Merseyside. UK

hi all fellow craftsmen/women been at bench nearly 40yrs love it
every day have own shop and do trade work also do every type of jobs
from boring boltrings to jawdropping one offs get abuzz from making
the customers speechless with joy but swing from rafters when you
can’t make em happy but then theres always one youcannot please. any
feedback on puk3s thinking of buying one as cheaper than laser so
happy hammering and mucky hands to all shapers of metal ray

Laurie Jane Kern
Murrieta, CA. USA

Engineer by Training
Software Architect by Choice
Aspiring Silversmith by Desire

Jakob Schmidt
Vancouver, BC. Canada

VFX professional starting out with jewelry, initial just at the
hobby stage (but with hidden delusions of grandeur)

Nev Ridley
East Trinity, Qld. Australia

Purely amateur hobby jeweller, in retirement but good looking :-).

Kimberly karen Daugherty
Eureka, CA. USA

Hello Iam a begining jewlery student and I am very interested in
learning all that I can to further my skills.