[Welcome] New Members for March 22, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Carol Diane Duncan
Aurora, Missouri, USA

I am Native American and French – I design and make one of a kind
jewellery from all manner of things – buckskin, twigs, antique
trade beads, silver, brass, copper and gourd…

Betty Sumner
Orlando, Florida. USA

Retired and starting to make jewelry, more recently wire wrapping.

Zoran Miladinovic
Belgrade, Yugoslavia

I am a geologist with special interest in gem deposits. Also I am
gem cutter and silver smith. Zoran

Raymond Louis Blundell
Southport, Merseyside, UK

hi all fellow craftsmen/women ive been on the bench 35 yrs love
every day of it have my own shop and do trade work from the creative
to the mundane boltring job get a real buzz when customers cry or
overwhelmed with my creations and work but swing from rafters if you
can:t make em happy stil can:t have the highs without the lows.
anyone find the puk3 welders agood buy thinking of buying one
instead of laser for general and one off jobs happy hammering and
mucky hands regards to all ray.

Jennifer Glenn
Santa Fe, NM. USA

I am a trying to balance working full time as a studio jeweler for a
tiny contemporary company with setting up up my own studio at home.
I’m pretty handy, so I’m trying to improvise and make some of my own
equipment on the cheap. Advice on that subject is more than welcome!
I make production jewelry all day, so on my own time I focus on
making one of a kind pieces. I combine different found objects,
wood, ceramics, ?, with metal to tell a story, sometimes deeply
personal. I like to challenge (torture?) myself by designing things
that are complicated and require much agonizing about how I’ m going
to actually make them.

Jaret Olson
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Canada

Interests are firmly based with metals. forming and shaping them
into something interesting. Creating art and fusing that metal with
music, and canvas. Intelligent, motivated and artistic.