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[Welcome] New Members for March 21, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Jennifer Jochim
Eugene, Oregon. USA

Hi, My name in Jen and I am currently starting up my jewelry
business. In the past I’ve made jewelry and worked for jewelers. I
want to make jewelry that incorporates found objects from nature and
things like vintage broken pottery, old silverware, bones and
buttons etc. I like jewelry that is one of a kind and has that
tribal, worn, unperfect look to it. Right now I’m setting up my work
space and collecting tools. My budget is limited, so this is taking
time. In a couple of weeks I’ll be taking classes the the University
so I can brush up on my metalsmithing skills and have access to
their studio. I also find it inspiring and helpful to use sites like
this and pinterest and youtube to learn techniques and see what
others have created. I really liked looking at the photos of peoples
workspaces on this site. The range is amazing! I’m excited to be on
this path- it took a mid-life crisi s and a sleepless night to figure
out that I needed a creative outlet and that my lost love of jewelry
design was the key.

Cathy Chlebana
Chicago, IL. USA

I am fairly new to serious jewelry. It is something I have been
interested in for many years but just now decided to really pursue
my interest. My basic techniques are self taught over the past few

Recently I have been able to take advantage of the many amazing
classes offered through venues like Bead Fest, Bead & Button, etc.
Videos are another great source for me. I enjoy technique based
classes and videos where I can hopefully master the techniques and
put my own spin on the pieces I create.

I have worked in copper, brass and bronze because I lacked the
confidence to use precious metals. I am now using silver for some of
my work recreating some of the pieces previously done in other
metals. I don’t think I will ever do strictly silver though because
I love the warmth of finishes I get using base metals. All of this
is still a work in progress as I try to find a happy medium.