[Welcome] New Members for March 20, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Donna Jolly
Donna Jolly and Associates
Studio City, CA. USA


A full-service marketer with six years in the diamond industry.
Former director of marketing for AGS Laboratories, and now serve
clients in a wide range of industries, including Jewelry, new media,
health and finance. Specialties include social media and content
creation. I also write a marketing blog, http://audaciousink.com,
which covers the best practices in marketing.

Jessica Dow
Different Seasons Jewelry
Barron, WI. USA


My family and I run a custom lapidary and jewelry design business
called Different Seasons Jewelry.

Raquel Chester
Cheltenham, South Australia. Australia

I am a 2nd year student doing a BAch in Visual Arts with a major in
Jewellery. I love it. I am still moving towards my ‘style’ but am
really enjoying learning new techniques and ways to do things.