[Welcome] New Members for March 20, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Lanni Sidoti
Armonk, NY. USA

The first jewelry class I signed up for was enameling/jewelry
making. I didn’t think that I would be interested in the enameling
part of the class but I did want to learn to work with precious
metals. After one class I was hooked on color. I love enameling! At
this point I have my own kiln, torch and various other supplies that
make up my small studio. I continue to take classes. My only regret
is that I wish I started classes when my youngest child started full
day kindergarden.

Barbara Schneeberger
Fond du Lac, USA

I am an amateur jeweler with a strong interest in metals. I’ve been
creating jewelry for about 6 years. The first years were very
sporadic. I’ve just started selling my work recently.