[Welcome] New Members for March 2, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Susan Walsh
Staten Island, New York. USA

I am interested in jewelry design and look forward to being a part
of this list.

Virginia Sanford
Durham, NC. USA

I am finishing a graduate program from the Revere Academy of Jewelry
Arts in San Francisco and am a graduate of the University of North
Carolina @ Chapel Hill. I am looking to expand my knowledge of metal
arts and am particularly curious to learn more about southwestern
jewelry and sand casting.

I am currently searching for a bench jeweler position and am open to
moving to a new location. Please send me an email for more
or a resume.

Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Knight Jewelry
New York, New York. USA

Jewelry Designer

Maria C Vargas

Have collected jewelry since I was a teenager. Now that I have the
time I’m learning to fabricate it. Need all the info and help I can
get. Thanx.

Betsy Moore-Galinsky
Johnstown, NY. USA

I’ve been making jewelry off and on for about 30 years now. It took
me a while, but I just took the giant step of joining a juried
gallery cooperative in my hometown. I am proud to be counted as a
member with the talented artists of the Micropolis Gallery in
Gloversville, NY. I’m mostly self-taught, but learning fine silver
fusing through a distance-learning course taught by Iris Sandkuhler
completely revolutionized my metal-working capabilities. The latest
technique I’ve become obsessed with is fold-forming, which has thrown
open the door to limitless design capabilities. Oh, and I’ve
discovered copper! Jewelry making has become a great foil for my
daytime job, which is working as a Medical Technologist in a hospital
lab…Lab work-left brain, jewelry design-right brain. I can’t wait
to get on the forums on this site.