[Welcome] New Members for March 19, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Fred Pilon
Photon Fanatic, Inc.
Lee, MA. USA


Manufacturer of high-brightness LED flashlights from a wide variety
of metals, i.e., Titanium, aluminum, sterling silver, Mokume Gane,
magnesium, brass, Damascus, stainless steel, etc.

Danae Natsis
Marrickville, NSW. Australia

I am a third year contemporary jewellery and object design student
at Design Centre Enmore in Sydney, Australia.

Born in Athens, Greece and raised in Sydney, I have a Bachelor of
Fine Arts (UNSW COFA) and have previously worked as a prop maker and
arts administrator. Rigorously researched social issues are often
the starting point for my work as a jeweller. I tend to engage with
egalitarian themes interwoven with a fascination for history, a
melancholy nostalgia and personal narratives " without compromising
wearability and a strong aesthetic. I make bold statement pieces that
reveal my love of design and fashion "such as knuckleduster rings
and outfit-defining neckpieces. I make for the wearer who
understands my work and is unafraid to express themselves through
their adornment.

Starting with silver, I subvert traditional processes while using
materials that are relevant to my themes, ranging from the natural
(carving bone, ebony, and horn) to the precious and traditional
(gold inlay, enamelling and stone setting) and extending to
unconventional materials and found objects such as rosin, locking
devices and brick.

This year I am exploring Mokume Gane and, moving away from silver a
little, hope to work with niobium.

Marcie Adary
Marcie Adary Jewelry Designs
Foster City, CA. USA

I worked in a jewelry factory in Israel years ago where I learned
the basic goldsmithing skills. I now have a home studio where I wire
wrap earrings. bracelets and necklaces and I hand forge rings. I
work in sterling, Argentium and 14k gold. I maintain shops on Etsy,
1000 Markets and my own website. I am also represented in an art
gallery in Big Sur, Ca.

Renee Rutherford
Out On A Whim
League City, Texas. USA

I am a mom and grandmother, and live in League City, Texas. I have
done creative things all my life, but, have recently discovered
jewelry making. I am a seamstress, a dollmaker, a sculpter, painter,
you name it, I have probably done it. I have a large studio in my
home and have turned my garage into my heavy duty studio, band saws,
scroll saws, glass grinders, torches, drills, sanders, grinders,
etc. I have everything to do whatever I decide to do. Thank goodness
I have a wonderful enabler in my husband, Robert, who never
complains about my many endeavors. Anyway, as I said, I have
recently delved into the world of jewelry making and I love it. I
have found that I am drawn to the filigree design and am attempting
to teach myself how to do it. I have done some wire wrapping, but,
am now trying to learn the ins and outs of wiresmithing. I am so
excited to find this forum. Thanks in advance for all the knowledge
that you guys share. Hopefully in the future, I may be able to
supply some of mine.

Mary Squith
Mary asquith designs
Camarillo, CA. USA


hi everybody,

I have been hand fabricating/wrapping/stamping silver/gold filled
combo jewelry and have been selling my jewelry pieces to retail
stores/galleries as well as participating in a few craft shows for
20 years.

My backgound consists of a BA from Elmhurst College in Illinois
which is affiliated with The Art Institue of Chicago as well as
continuing my art education at the Boston Museum School. 20 years
ago I made the decision to transfer my “two dimensional” art skills
as well as basketweaving/loom weaving and dress making skills into
jewelry making and have never looked back!

At this time I am interested in broadening my horizons by entering,
in some way, the internet. I realize this is the true up and coming
forum and marketplace for my work.

I’m also a yoga instructor. The jewelry making and yoga teaching
combination brings great hapiness and balance to my life.

Kimie Ranken
Baubles and bijoux
Havre de Grace, MD. USA

After taking a two day intro class from Vera Lightstone in 2006, I
have been continuously “reinventing the wheel” in precious metal
clay. Originally, I began this pursuit via working in porcelain clay
and wished for the opportunity to create “important” pieces versus
pieces, though created through a lot of hard work, presented an image
that failed to portray that it was an “art piece” to be treasured due
to the lack of involvement of “noble” materials. I am striving to
create poignantly personal silver jewelry worthy of being called,
“heirloom.” With a family history rich in detail and in formation,
heirlooms connect my family with our ancestors in a profound manner:
most significantly through the most personal types of items such as
engraved (and often much loved) silver baby cups, family jewelry,
sterling flatware, limoges dinner ware, and lots of photos. However,
one of my most treasured pieces of jewelry is the simple gold cross
worn by my grandmother when she was a little girl. I look forward to
passing it along to one of my own grand-daughters some day. I am
working on a website and hope to have it launched, soon. I have fared
pretty successfully on a local level and hope to expand my
market…someday. It has taken me several years to build my studio,
which I am blessed to have in my home, entirely through the sale of
my porcelain work and fine silver jewelry. That in itself is very
gratifying. As I am the mother of three children, I have determined
that the pursuit of my art will not deplete family resources but must
be a self-sustaining enterprise. It’s a “principle thing.” I am
looking forward to furthering my education via this site…I’ve been
snooping around here for a little while and am constantly reminded of
how little I actually know. Thanks, in advance, for the sharing of
your expertise.