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[Welcome] New Members for March 19, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Eileen Kenney
Bristol, RI. USA

I am novice metalsmith at a local studio in Warren RI. I’m looking
for advice and a place to ask questions about a variety
of metal working topics. Seems like this is the place.

Tamizan Savill
Bristol, UK

Enameller working mainly with silver,as jewellery and smallwork.

Eri Attebery
Jewelry Making Professor
North Wales, PA. USA

I am a native of Japan and have been making jewelry for over 10

I became interested in bead jewelry making while I was in my native
Japan where there was a beading boom that happened in the 90’s.

I enjoy making jewelry so much that I sometimes spend many hours
straight working on new designs. This doesn’t always make my husband
too happy, but he has learned to live with it. OK, I’ve got him

I began teaching jewelry making about 5 years ago and through that
experience discovered the effectiveness of video instruction and I
offer many jewelry making classes on video.

I love to search around to see what is going on in the jewelry
making world, both online and offline.

I have written many articles about jewelry making and published many
jewelry making classes on video.

On the more personal side, I am married with three children and one
beautiful golden retriever.

I have lived in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania for the past 10 years,
but make it a point to go back to visit Japan every summer.

I loves to play tennis, almost as much as I love making jewelry!

I also am a Breast Cancer survivor, and that experience has had a
huge impact on my life.

Wayne O Brown
Safford, AZ. USA

I have been around Indain Jewerly and Arts all my life, I also mined
Morenci Turquoise with my father 1975 to 1986. I recently had alot
of changes in my life. I love silversmithing and Lapidary!

Richard Lancaster
Gainesville, FL. USA

bench jeweler

Carmen Renee Latorre
Lima, Peru

My interests in Jewelry: Beadwork, loomwork, lampwork

Penny Guttman
Phoenix, AZ. USA

Hoping to reconnect with Orchid after my e-mail service changed
addresses. Miss all the inspiring contacts.

Sam Cumming
Victoria, BC. Canada

we are a jewelry manufacturing company based in Victoria, BC,
Canada. Small but growing, we believe in making the best quality
jewelry at the most affordable prices.

Patricia A Burhans
PatB Design
Flint, MI. USA

I’m new to Metalsmithing and totally in love with it. Want to try my
hand at Enamaling and perhaps some glass fusion (???). In any case I
love the creative freedom I feel whem working with metal. I’m a
visual artist and sometimes don’t feel the release I do from using
torch, hammer and files… something really solid in my hands.

I’m certain I will be asking many questions and learning lots and
lots from all of you.