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[Welcome] New Members for March 17, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Catherine L Rokaw
Littleton, MA. USA

At an age when most are beginning to think about retirement, I’m
getting started on a new career. After several years of nonstop
classes and workshops, I am now beginning to sell my work in
lapidary and stone setting, as well as working in metals (primarily
silver at this point, although I also work in good on a limited
basis). I feel as though I have discovered the wheel and the wagon
that went with it! I joined Ganoksin several years ago and let it
lapse after a run of health issues. I’m glad to be back!

Jennifer Jane Andrews
Swansea, TAS. Australia

I have recently started metalwork using my mother in law’s tools and
left over silver and copper. I have had 3 days of tuition for the
rest I am self taught and struggling. Looking forward to getting
some help from Ganoksin!

Joshua Edelstein
Edelstein Edelsteine
Kailua, HI. USA

After 22 years in the Washington DC area, I’ve just moved back to my
hometown of Honolulu where I first started learning the jeweler’s
trade in high school. I’ve been a custom jeweler for half my life,
and after years of using Ganoksin as a very helpful resource, I’m
finally joining as a member!

Kathy Dawdy
Fort myers, Florida. USA

Self taught, fabricating jewelry

Anne L Walker
Instant Images
Newport, Vermont. USA

I work in mostly silver and copper. Began with wire-wrapping and am
concentrating skills in soldering at present. My work is sold out of
gift shops. I incorporate and locally found stones that I
tumble. Do prong setting by a wire-smithing technique. Planning to
venture into chasing and repousse.