[Welcome] New Members for March 12, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Mimi Roy
Mixed Metal Mimi
Cobble Hill, BC. Canada


I Upcycle silver, copper, and brass antique serving platters into
one of a kind jewelry.

Jeanne Chapman
Clovis, CA. USA

I am a glass artist who is very interested in metal art.

Mike Allen
Capitan, USA

About to start my retirement phase of life and have been enjoying
various jewelry make styles for 7 months now and really liking
copper metal work. I will need much help getting to a point where my
work is self supported by small sales, but have sold enough so far
to stay in the game. I was an industrial photographer in my past,
got bored and the jewelry is letting me be creative again.

Chris R Kolb
Kolb Designs
Sandwich, MA. USA

Chris Kolb infuses in his art his life experiences; the drama of an
actor, the fluid movements of an athlete, the rhythm of a singer and
the nautical experience of a former commercial shellfisherman.
Though self-taught, his work is informed by his education in
Art-Semiotics from Brown University. His inspiration is Cape Cod and
the surrounding waters. He is a resident of Sandwich, MA where he
also runs an ecological garden design business called Ark Gardens.
All of Chris’ art represents the heritage and beauty of this strip
of land called Cape Cod and to own one of his custom works is to
bring a piece of the Cape home with you. Chris also builds custom
designs and wedding rings by appointment

Nina Miller
Natural Gorgeous
Washington, DC. USA

I am a fledgling jewelry designer who has been selling jewelry for
one year. I only do cold-joining - wire wrapping etc.; nothing with
fire yet. I am very interested in natural precious and semi-precious
stones and feel strongly about accurately representing the materials
I sell.

I’m here to learn!

Karen Haber
Studio city, USA

I am a jewelry student.

Arnold Glenn Morrell
IndianMan Jewelry
Thomasville, Georgia. USA

I am retired. I make and sell jewelry along with art at my gallery.
Mostly a hobby, I would like to grow.

Claire Kane
Claire Kane Jewellery
Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire. UK


After taking a part-time silver smithing course at Glasgow School of
Art some years ago, I began designing & making jewellery for myself
and friends & family. Over the years I’ve been able to devote
varying degrees of time and effort to my passion, but have always
hoped that one day I could take things a step further and widen my
audience. I have, over the years, built up a reasonably well equiped
workshop and am currently in the process of developing a website to
help launch my work. The Orchid forum has been a huge help to me
over the years. I hope that, one day, I can give a little bit back!