[Welcome] New Members for June 9, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Jonathan Stember
Melrose park, PA. USA

recently retired fine jewelry designer with 45 years in retail
manufacture of my own designs, gia gemologist, appraiser. i have had
4 sucessful jewelry store/gallery locations in the philadelphia pa.
area. i started making jewelry when i was 12 ( copper wrapped bone
and driftwood hung from a piece of rawhide) to silver in school, a
couple of years at tyler with stanley then to nyc as a union
apprentice trade modelmaker for a large jewelry co. to going out on
my own. my love has been wax carving. i consider myself a liberator
rather than a builder. currently working with my daughter, joy
stember, in her metal arts studio as a consultant and floor sweeper.
enjoying the luxury of having time to explore
copper/silver/pewtersmithing. i have worked 6 to 7 days a week all my
life and have been lucky and blessed to be able to “eat from my art”

Jena L Matzen
JM Design
Durham, NC. USA

I am a self-taught jewelry designer and metalsmith. I also work in
ceramics and fused glass. I have been selling my work for over five
years now, first as a hobby and now as a vocation. I work primarily
with sterling silver, but love to mix metals (copper and brass) and
add color with patinas, resins and enamels. I have a studio in my
home and work by myself so I am hungry for interaction with other
jewelers. Thus, I am excited to be a part of this forum.

Lynn Cunningham
Fairbanks, Ak. USA

Hello, I’m excited to have found this forum. My professional
background in design related industries over the course of the past
27 years has fueled my interest in the jewelry design and production
industry. Later this month I will be attending my first series of
courses in silver smithing techniques in Washington. I look forward
to inspiration and from all of you.

Elaine Bastajian
Brioletta Jewelry
Hillsboro, USA

I started beading in high school and my Aunt Leola taught me how to
crochet when I was in college. I learned to crochet with wire over
10 years ago in a class at Farrin-O’Connor Design Studio in
Pasadena, California. It was a treat to discover that I could
combine my love for beads with my love for crochet!

In 2003, I was fortunate to have three of my wire crochet designs
included in a Design Originals publication,“Wire Crochet: Knit,
Tassels and More”. Soon after that, I created my wire crochet petal
pendant, which is the focal point of many of my designs.

In January of 2008, I was THRILLED to be able to take a workshop
from the lovely Arline Fisch, based on her book, “Textile Techniques
in Metal”, at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon.
“Textile Techniques” was first published in 1975 and in 2006 Arline
wrote “Crocheted Wire Jewelry”. Both beautiful books present many
amazing examples of what artists and designers around the world are
creating with the technique of wire crochet.

Isaac Agyenim Boateng
Kumai, Ashanti. Ghana

A private professional jeweller and metalsmith

Patti O’Neal
Sh’didit! Jewelry Design
Paso Robles, Ca. USA

I am an etchophile…OK, I have gone and admitted it! I am seeking
the best methods to etch silver and it is a daunting task. I am
trying to learn to electro etch my metal and am very frustrated in
trying to find instructions on making an electro etching tank or
find objective reviews on some kits recently available. I have gone
the chemical route and am trying to etch fine lines on my projects
that don’t break down. I can’t locate any site in the last few weeks
that is available to simplify the process. RRRrrrr!

Kelly j Horton
Dragonfly Designs
Etters, PA. USA

I have been making jewelry off and on for about six years. I
currently am into lampworking, fusing, and working with metals.