[Welcome] New Members for June 8, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Sylvia Freedman
The woolgathering
New York, NY. USA

I am mainly interested in working with metals

Frannie Kimsey
Inside Design
Madison, GA. USA


I have been an interior designer for the last 11 years, and formed a
company with business partner Jennifer Hendrix 5 years ago called
Inside Design. Two years ago I started making jewelry as a hobby,
and it has become a passion for me, my partner Jennifer, and one of
our employees Andrea. I work with sterling silver, solid 14 or 18k
gold, and a wide spectrum of mostly semi precious.

Pamela G Gregory
Creative Expressions
Weslaco, Texas. USA

After painfully coming to terms with the unfortunate reality that
most science is not driven by the desire to solve problems and learn
new things about our environment, but is primarily driven by
politics I have decided let loose and express my creative side.
Every day since my Argentium Sterling Silver has arrived I’ve been
conducting all sorts of experiments. I am testing a new soldering
block that I believe shows promise. It is lightweight and I have
been unable to get it to burn despite my efforts. It is easily
carved into and dissipates heat fairly quickly. I can carve into it
or hammer nails into it. It is easily cut into different shapes and
sizes. Now if I can just get that Argentium Solder to flow without
destroying my bezzels! Cheers, Pamela

Jennifer Snare
Boulder, USA

I am the resident silversmith at a local bead store, Nomad Design. I
do some repairs and also custom design.

Cair H. Shishani
Abu Dhabi. UAE

m.sc chemical,m.sc metalurgy. working for aviation plating cleaning
process’s incharge. around 50 years old. interested in small
artisticly made objects and techniques.

Siddharth Soni
Mumbai, Maharashtra. India


Am an amateur designer with a fascination for precious metal strip