[Welcome] New Members for June 6, 2012

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Gloria A Sterental
Bay Harbor, Fl. USA

Hi, I am Gloria, I was born in Colombia South America. I studied for 3
years silversmith in Florence, Italy. I have a bachelor in graphic
design from Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. I had a mentor in Miami
beach where I live now for many years doing silversmith but is beign
a while since I don’t work. I am starting my new shop in my garage
and I need help deciding which tools to buy.

Fernando Russo
Boynton Beach, FL. USA

My Work and the experiences sharing in the Blog. As a Jeweler is in
joint with the Sculpture, combining elements of nature and human
elements. Snails and ants and human figures become a piece of Art.
As for the technique using classic metals ( Bronze, Gold, Silver
Casting/Fabrication) in combination of alternative metal jewelry
such as Titanium

Best Regards

Kathleen k Paschal
Goldie’s gems
Macon, GA. USA


biginner, learning the hard way. Am proceding from easy prenotched
settings to cast settings. I am having difficulty in knowing which
burs to use for which tasks with my Foredom Flexshaft. I currently
need instruction on cutting notches on other than round settings

Ishita Kumar Sharma
Bengaluru, Karnataka. India

Dear All,

I am a creative professional and designing in Fashion and jewellery
space. I have been designing garments and now looking into designing
a jewellery line in gold with precious stones.

I like working with new and interesting materials, innovative ideas
and techniques.

Thank you