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[Welcome] New Members for June 4, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Charon Porter
Marquette, Michigan. USA

Hi, I am a retired teacher new to metal smithing and loving it!!!

Don Estabrooks
Salisbury, MA. USA

I began working at a New England silver company in 1966. I started as
an apprentice silversmith, became a 1st class silversmith, became an
apprentice chaser, and then a 1st class chaser, went to the tool and
die area as an apprentice die maker, and eventually became a master
die maker. After all of that experience in the factory, I went into
the design area as a model maker, and after a few years, a designer.
I have been a designer since 1981 and am still employed as one.

Anna-Lena Hjeran
Sundbyberg, Sweden

I have held on with silver for over 20 years and even a little bit
of rough forgin. I have also studied the metal and design for various
gold- and silversmiths in Stockholm, Sweden. And now I am working
with silver clay, bronze clay, brass, akrulglas in combination with
sterling silver.

Alison Daniels
By Stonehaven, UK

I’m taking evening classes in jewellery design and making at our
local art school. Last year I did wax carving and started stone
setting and I will be taking those courses again from October, since
I now own my own wax mountain.

My work tends towards the robust, not least because I enjoy hitting
metal with hammers and because if I try something more delicate,
there’s a one in six chance I will melt it to oblivion. That’s why I
like working with wax as it’s easier to rework when it goes wrong.

I have a small workshop at home and a weakness for buying tools,
equipment and materials. One day, the finished pieces will look as
good as they do when they are just ideas in my head.

Other than that, I have my own business in marketing, PR and
journalism and live with my partner and our dog on a cliff
overlooking the ocean.

Autumn Brown
Greenville, NC. USA

I am an artist living in Greenville, NC. Currently I am an ad-junct
professor at Pitt Community College teaching metalsmithing and