[Welcome] New Members for June 27, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Anne Hughes
Tadpole Accessories
Knoxville, TN. USA

Enrolled in a small jewelry school in Florence, Italy.

Terezka Rothova
3 kisses xxx
poprad, Slovak Republic


i am a keen self-tought jewellery maker. i love what i do and i love
learning from a comunity like this one. i only work with silver and
do not use gold. still fight with the slovak legislation
and try to register for personal stamp. looking forward to read more
and approve what i do.

Natalia Araya
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala


I work and work because I think thats the only way you accomplish

I have more pearls than I could possibly need and keep gathering
more and more…and moooooooreee

I can teach you how to dance salsa

I dont step on bugs I think I can cook, and it seems like Im the only

I say hello if someone wants me to and I like giving compliments to

I have a love affair with yarn, and trippy fabrics I own more
paisley than anyone I know

I dont hide anything under my pillows…but i do sleep with 600 of

I have no idea where Ill be in 5 years.

I have faith in many things and I believe in signs.

And name is Natalia and I make jewelry.