[Welcome] New Members for June 26, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Lisa L Morshead
Frostburg, Maryland. USA

I am a professor of psychology and a part-time metal worker. I have
been working almost exclusively in bronze and copper, however I
would love to be able to expand my range of skills to include work
with silver and specifically PMC. I would also like to learn how to
set I have been involved in metalworking for almost 3
years and would like to ideally work and sell what I produce
full-time in retirement. That would be about 10 years from now.

I have a home studio and use a regular welding set-up as far as
torch work goes (oxy/acetylene). My instructor has been a
metalworker for 40 years and was also trained as a blacksmith. So I
am familiar with his technique and metal preferences only.

Lynda Schwechtje
Honey Broook, PA. USA

I’ve recently taken up jewelry as a serious hobby and would love to
start a business selling my designs eventually. I have been making
and selling hand-knit baby hats for a few years in partnership with
a friend, and the money I’ve made has helped pay for my knitting
passion. I would like to do t he same with jewelry. I’m fascinated
with chain maille right now, but also love beading and wirework.

Sarah Andrie
Petoskey, MI. USA

I work full time as a Goldsmith in dowtown Petoskey, MI and also
work from home. I love learning new techniques!