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[Welcome] New Members for June 24, 2013

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Martha Elena Diaz
Rio Vista, CA. USA

Currently, I am a graduate student pursuing a degree in management.
As my academic journey nears its end, my professional growth is
blurred. I’m in the process of becoming a foster parent, and have
been thinking a lot about continuing with my passion for art which I
left behind many years ago. I ca n’t explain why I’m suddenly
interested in jewelry making. I want to do something with love
really and see where it might lead me. If I happen to land the job
of my dreams in the process, I certainly wouldn’t complain. For now,
I want to return to my roots and tap into that part of myself which
onc e brought me great happiness and healing through artistic

Linda Osburn
Garrison, Minnesota. USA

I was a beader who fell into rockhounding and discovered that I like
metalsmithing. Originally my projects were to showcase rocks, but
now I also do many projects that have no rocks at all in them.

Patricia Woods
Overland Park, KS. USA

I am a beginning silversmith with ambitions to learn and improve my

John Donovan
Ystalyfera. Swansea, UK

am new to jewellery and craft, but have some experience of gold
plating and forming.

will be using a wide range of products to make rings and other items
using natural gem stones, wire, metal. including, (PMC) Precess
Metal Clay, and metal clay. Resin, Enamel, and even friendly

Cords, beads, knots etc.

will hope to start next month after taking early retirement.

hope to learn from you and your members.

Gary Davis
Woodhurst, UK

I am an artist who is beginning to venture into the world of
silverware. I use silver in jewellery as well as in some of my

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