[Welcome] New Members for June 23, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Charlotte Verity
Manchester, UK


I am a self employed jeweller designer-maker in Manchester, UK. My
work often uses silver, gold, enamel, natural stones, handmade glass
coloured glass components and lab grown stones.

Neil Jay Rasmussen
Hans Jorgen Custom
Colorado Springs, Colorado. USA

Graduate of the Jewelry Trainign Center in Colorado Springs. I
consider myself a Custom Jeweler. I enjoy designign and fabricatin
original peices for my customers. Also enjoy learning lesser known
techniques both inside and outside the jewelry worlda adn applying
them to my works.

Mike Shuler
Clearwater, FL. USA

I’m in my 24th year as a firefighter, and would like to use the next
6 years to develop my next career. I’m an avid metal detectorist,
which has really enhanced my interest in jewelry. I hope to spend
the next year reading books and forums before investing thousands to
train as a bench jeweler at a trade school!

Mary Thomas Davenport
Houston, TX. USA

I have taken classes in metalsmithing and enameling in Houston since
the 90’s. Some health issues prevented me from working for several

I took some workshops recently and am happy to be playing in the
studio again.

Sarah M Surma
Ferndale, MI. USA

I love art and crafting! Most time is devoted to Jewelery (beading,
wire wrapping, and metalsmithing) and painting…pretty much
anything I can get my hands on. :slight_smile: I love to learn and share with

Jonathan Simons
Simons Design
Richmond, VA. USA

I’ve been in the jewelry trade since 1979 and have been lead jeweler
and production manager all throughout my career. I’ve taken a few
alternate career paths along the way such as working with computers
and networks but always find my way back to the creative arts.

Mischelle Snyder
Phoenix, AZ. USA

New to jewelry creating and looking for some advice