[Welcome] New Members for June 21, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Thomas Janstrom
Yandina, Qld. Australia

We’re a small custom design/manufacturing family business…

Glenn Thompson
Davis K Products
El Paso, Texas. USA


I am the Sales Manager for a Rhodium manufacting company, Davis-K
Products, for Southern US, and Latin America regions. I have also
worked with Technic Inc, a global manufacturer of precious
metalchemistries for the Jewellery, Electronics, Wafer, and Solar
industries. My background is in the Electronics (semiconductor and
components) industry.

I am hoping to utilize these discussions to learn more about
Jewellery manufacturing as another way to bring new, improved
methodologies to my customers.

Cathy D De Zago
Herington, KS. USA

Hi I’m new to the art of metal smithing. I have the basics but
desperatly want to learn more. I was at a craft show and a lovely
woman told me about Orchid. So here I am.

Charlotte E.R. Lockwood
Cambridge, UK


I have just completed a degree in Desgn Crafts BA (Hons),
specializing in enameled jewellery. My current collection is based
on my drawings of charity shop objects and vintage shops. I have
used the intensity of line to create a collection of six packs of
six buttons, six necklaces, six wall panels and six brooches.

Chantal Oosterling
Zaandam, Netherlands

I am a 3th year student goldsmith in the Netherlands, nearly 40 and
mother of 5 children. I work in a dental lab and I polish diamonds.

Lisa Rose Lefman
Mitzi Rose Jewelry Designs
Oswego, Illinois. USA


My love affair with jewelry started as a child, admiring my mother,
grandmother and aunts jewelry. A cousin and I started with seed
beads and fishing line over 30 years ago. Over the years there have
been times that my passion had to take a back seat but it has been
back with a vengeance for the last two years. Purchasing supplies
has never been easier and my creative juices have been flowing. I’ve
taken a fancy to metal lately and took an intro to metalsmithing
class. All the different techniques are creating endless design

Susan D. Phillips
Broomfield, Co. USA

I’m a self employed lapidary artist and have been doing custom
lapidary work for 30 years under the name of Gemological Creations. I
do custom lapidary work for others jewelers as well as for my own
unique jewelry that I display in several galleries.