[Welcome] New Members for June 19, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Solomon Emquies
Tel Aviv, Israel

Hi I design jewelry with rhino, complex assemblies lately I began
sitting near a bench work on jewelry

Trish J Schwanke
Sherwood Park, Canada,

Hi, My name is Trish

Well, where to begin…been crafting and making jewelry for years.
Focused on quilling for a few years, learned how to needle
tat…which I am trying to incorporate into jewelry. Currently
and for the last 2 years my passion has been filigree. I finally got
over my issues with fire (problem s with depth perception etc.). I am
mainly working in Argentium Sterling Silver… love it! I
mainly use it with my cultured pearls. I have also designed my own
style of Peruvian jewelry. What else…I am married. It will be 21
years July 1, I have 3 teenage daughters, 20,18, and 14. Two 80lb
dogs, and a cat.

Maria Guzman
Augusta, MT. USA

I’m designing jewelry using digital imagery while trying, it seems,
to reinvent the wheel in the process. Perhaps the presence of more
experienced professionals will - by sheer process of osmosis -
provide patience & encouragement to my efforts:)

Rachel C Dropp
Raw Elements Jewelry
Eugene, OR. USA


I have been practicing jewelry since 2004. I am very new to the
industry and have a lot to learn. I just graduated from Business
school and started up my jewelry business. I would love all the
technical help I can get from equipment repair to setting fancy cut

Rineja Aubela
Zagreb, Croatia

I am 38 year old. I have son and two dother. I work in big
farmaceutical company. I like make jewelry. I like silver. I like
orchid too.

Eleanor Labeit Markman
Golden age jewellery
Hampton bays, New York. USA,

i design my own gem jewellery in many styles from the ocean to the
deepest blue sky above my theme for my designs fits in the area of
the ocean i live near i have a great designing background i attented
school in manhattan over 25 years ago at the school of the art in
nyc i love my work and i am dedicated to doing the work i love and it
drives me to a new and exiting designs as i go further in my