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[Welcome] New Members for June 17, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Cathy McCollum Vanderlip
Clayton, CA. USA

Greetings I am retired and found working with my hands enjoyable as
well as great therapy for neuropathy in my right hand. I love
learning skills and experimenting with various mediums associated
with creating jewelry. I have enjoyed crafting since I was young and
have worked with various jewelry making forms for about 10 yrs.
Currently I’m working with PMC.

Charles C. Del Castillo
La Mesa, CA. USA

Wax artist. getting back into the trade -doing fire agate and
gems-some lapidary.

Jeff Kahn
Lenhartsville, PA. USA

I have come back to Orchid after many years away. Still making
jewelry, for 40 years now, but mostly doing it in conjunction with my
sculpture habit. I have a very complete shop from nearly all phases
of fabrication to molding and casting. I am looking forward to seeing
what is going on in the present jewelry world.