[Welcome] New Members for June 16, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Sheila Hanerfeld
Spangle & Stone nyc
New York, NY. USA


Hi everyone.

I have had a hobby of making jewelry for a couple of years and after
doing it mostly for fun, had the pleasure of creating pieces to give
as presents and selling a few along the way I succumbed to requests
for a website and turned it into a a business and launched an
ecommerce site last November.

Fortunately I was in technology so was able to create and maintain
the website myself and, probably unfortunately, have been unemployed
for a long time now so I have time to focus on building it as a
business. Although I have a art background and experience in
photography it has also taken me in an unexpected direction as I had
to learn how to photograph the jewelry myself.

So in addition to learning everything I can the things I am most
interested in learning about at this point are how to grow a
business and connect with the right market of customers, photography
and lighting, and something which seems simple but has given me alot
of aggravation, storing sterling silver jewelry to avoid tarnish. I
have intricate pieces with swarovski crystal and semi-precious
stones and the swarovski is easy enough to clean with the silver but
not so the gemstones as I have bleached them with cleaning so I need
a way to store to keep the tarnish off. I currently have them stored
in individual plastic bags but this is not practical as I also wear
the samples. I am looking for some type of jewelry storage that is
sealed enough that anti-tarnish strips will help but that is also
accessible. Any suggestions, please let me know.


Jasper Christine Coulombe
Grande Prairie, Canada


Hi my name is Jasper and I have found a love in jewelry making. I
have specialised in wire sculpture and silver soldering. I am a
vendor at our local Farmers Market all year round. I have a website
jasperscreations.ca where you could view my work. I am looking
forward to connecting with others. Thanks Jasper

Jeanne Elizabeth Rutka
Atelier Rutka
Montreal, Quebec. Canada

I started making jewelry after a skiing accident that made it
impossible for me to continue working as a sculptor and potter with
clay. I studied jewelry at the Montreal Jewelry School. I now make
jewelry from sterling silver, copper, silver clay, and have recently
bought copper clay and bronze clay. I especially enjoy working with
the metal clays as it is like working with clay, only very much
smaller. I am now planning a website to show my work, which hopefully
will increase my sales. Living in Montreal I get to go to the many
festivals we have all summer, especially the Jazz Festival. I
recently discovered Opera - always thought it would be a bit much to
sit through, but have found the music incredibly inspiring.
Hopefully it will translate into my jewelry images at some point.