[Welcome] New Members for June 14, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Jan A Neff-Sinclair
Carlsbad, CA. USA

Hello! I am a retired software/firmware engineer who has become
something of an artist. I design and create various types of jewelry
including traditional bead and wire, as well as copper enameled and
chain maille. I also work with other copper enamel pieces as well as
stained glass. You can se e some of my work in my facebook album
entitled “Artwork.”

Jennifer Smith
Cambria, CA. USA,



My name is Jennifer and am the owner and jewelry designer of

I have been learning and creating jewelry since High School. I
walked into a bead store one day, came out with a $100 worth of
treasures and that’s how it all started. :slight_smile:

I have become increasingly better over the years and now wish to
make a business of it. I work with beaded jewelry off all different
natural gems and stones, swarovski and glass beads and anything else
that catches my eye.

Perhaps one day, I can quit my “day job” and enjoy this as a living!

Jessica MacFarlane
Los Angeles, CA. USA

Hi, my name is Jessica. I am a Fashion Institute of Design and
Merchandising student taking courses to learn how to design jewelry.
I have about three years of experience in jewelry design where I
have learned from multiple instructors as well as read many book. I
realize that I have a lot to learn and I have lots of q uestions for
those who are willing to answer. Thanks!