[Welcome] New Members for June 14, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Elaine MacKenzie
Heybridge, Essex. UK

Hi, I am currently a business developer in the Mani/Pedi industry
but am wanting to learn all there is to know about PMC and silver
clay with a view to eventually (hopefully) make a living from it. I
would also like to know if this is possible at this stage. I live in
a small town in ESSEX, England and look forward to a rewarding hobby
and hopefully career change. I am looking also for books, classes

Battery is about to go, so ttfn,

kind regards,

Richard Wayne McCann
Springfield, MO. USA

Started making jewelry after becoming paralyzed and restricted to
home. Found I really loved it and with all my life expierces had
most of the abbilities needed. Now I am trying to learn everything I