[Welcome] New Members for June 10, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Gin Conn
Punkinelf Charms
Vancouver, WA. USA


A poet who has just completed her first murder mystery (YAY ME!), I
love charms. Sterling, pewter, silver plate, altered art which I’m
just getting into - meaning I’m buying A LOT on eBay! I will sell a
few bracelets when I get my site up and running!

Cara Harkness
Toronto, Ontario. Canada


Hello, My husband and I are Canadian. We have been living and
travelling in China for almost five years. We love to go to local
markets when we travel. I love the smells, the energy, and the
excitement of everyone rushing around selling their amazing goods.
After being in Asia for as few months we both fell in love with the
Tibetan jewelry. We have now started as website selling our favourite
handmade Tibetan silver jewelry, called Tibetan Empress. We hand pick
each piece from local markets or from the craftsmen themselves. All
of the pieces are made with Tibetan silver and many have atones such
as turquoise, coral, tigers eye, agate and jade. Please take as look
for yourself TibetanEmpress.com. We hope you love this jewelry as
much as we do. Thanks, Cara

Mary Elizabeth Roach
Santa Rosa, CA. USA

I am a life long rock hound now able to dedicate my time to learing
the finer side of “hounding”. At this time I am learning setting
I am also finding a a real passion for filigree
work-especially setting gems into the work, such beauty! I have been
wire wrapping semi-precious gemstones for 9 year now.I am mostly at
home since I becane wheel chair bound- no longer able to drive and
living in rual area where taking bus is a ALL day ordeal, I have
LOT’S of time to learn new talents. I live with my husband R. who is
into wood working and gardening. He make boxes’ for people we like
and he is my caregiver. He is very creative so I bounce my designs
off him:)