[Welcome] New Members for July 9, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Lisa Dahn
Olathe, Kansas. USA

I’m new to jewelry and metal work. I am having lots of fun and
trying to learn everything I can.

L Becker
Dallas, USA

I am an art and antique restorer with a background in metalsmithing.

Naomi Griffore
Winnipeg, Canada

I work in the industry and instruct in a high school. I also do some
business for myself.

Barbara Larsen
Tucker, GA. USA

I’m all over the place. Began metal work at 16 at a Music & Art Camp
at University of Kansas, making a silver ring. I was hooked. I had
no access to a metal studio for a number of years, so worked in
clay. I spent a month at Arrowmont taking weaving and textile
design. Explored wood and clay until returning to metal at the
University of Tennessee in my last quarter in college. After hauling
clay and building kilns, metalwork was very appealing.

After graduation I lived and worked with, had a baby and eventually
married and divorced a metalsmith in Chattanooga Tennessee. Also
worked at a jewelry store in Cleveland TN and EB Harvey and Company
in Chattanooga. At EB Harvey’s (Founder of the Goldsmith Shop at the
Chattanooga Choo Choo and at then in manufacturing specializing in
Tennessee River Pearls and Gold nugget jewelry) I was in charge of
the the wax models for casting and designing. My husband and I
showed our jewelry at craft show in the area.

My daughter and I move to the Atlanta area where I worked as a
designer and wax modeler for Jewelry Artisans. When I left there, I
worked independently as a Wax Designer. I took classes at the
Chastain Arts Center with Debra Lynn Gold. I was employed by her for
a number of years in fabricating her line of jewelry.

I eventually went back to school, getting a masters degree in Social
Work. My metal work took a backseat to working as a Clinical
Director of a Residential Treatment Program for Women in Decatur,
GA. I continued to classes with Julia Woodman at Spruill Art Center.

I am a member of the Georgia Goldsmith Group and have taken classes
with John Cogswell, Michael Good, Jean Stark, Pauline Warg, etc. I
also love lapidary work having taken two classes at the William
Holland Lapidary School in Blairsville, TN.

During a process of Mandala Certification in Art Therapy with
Suzanne Fincher, I constructed Twelve Mandala Brooches interpreting
the “Great Round” (a construct of emotional and psychological
development and phases).