[Welcome] New Members for July 9, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Gintaras Kuras
Kacergine, Lithuania

I am a member of the “Lithuanian Folk Art Creators Association”.and
member of the “metal arts guild of canada”. I have been making
jewelry since 1978. My mission is to create handmade jewelry to suit
many styles and ages at affordable prices using a variety of
materials and traditional methods of jewelry making.

Sue Bryan
Los Angeles, CA. USA

I’m a student amazed at the generosity of folks in the Ganoksin

Johnny Tremendous
Horace & Jasper
Calgary, Alberta. Canada

I’ve been making leather accessories for many years, and am looking
to diversify my line with jewelry as well.

Sandra E Kendall
Rochester Hills, MI. USA

I’m a new metalsmithing student, and happy to have stumbled to this
forum. I started taking metal classes just a few weeks ago when I
wanted to expand my horizons and upgrade my jewelry skills. What an
adventure! Including the Frankenstein bench! I always thought I had
to retire in order to pursue some long-life interests, but now that
I am retired, I’m finding I need to be employed in order to
financially pursue those life-long interests! Still enjoying every
minute of the challenge!