[Welcome] New Members for July 9, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Luann Jamison
Tucson, AZ. USA


I was a jewelry designer and lamp work bead maker for over 12 years.
I’ve also done fusing of jewelry and bowls, kumihimo in the
traditional fashion and am currently teaching myself wire wrapping
and weaving.

Loretta Pressley
Lake Forest, CA. USA

New to this and trying to learn everything that I can about metal
and jewelry making.

Carl E Burris
Peninsula Jewelry and repair
Hampton, Virginia. USA


I have been in the jewelry for close to 32 years., 5 in retail
management and 27 in the art of being a goldsmith. I have been a
retail manager, goldsmith, senior goldsmith with companies with
multiple stores. I have worked with award winning designers as one
who executed their designs, with experience in the lapidary arts as
well as an expert in colored stones with a diploma from the
Gemological Institute of America as a Graduate Gemologist. I have
been an overseas buyer on occasion to supply inventory for companies
I have worked with at the cutting areas as well as some of the
worlds largest gem and jewelry shows with personal contact with
factories that produce merchandise that is sold in mainstream stores
as well as the mom and pop stores with visits to some of the largest
manufacturing companies in the United States. My love and interest
inspired me to get a Graduate Gemologist Diploma from the
Gemological Institute of America, one of the most respected
nonprofit organizations in the world. The past couple of years I
have expanded my skills to Cad design with milling capabilities. I
enjoy the jewelry trade and look forward to my growth and skills to
continue. Recent wor k in CAD design and hands on CNC milling with my
own software and milling machine

Lori Jean Poppe
Bear Creek, Wisconsin. USA


My name is Lori and I live by a small town called Bear Creek, WI. My
husband Allen & I own a family dairy farm with over 100 milking
holstiens & 100 head of young stock, two horses. We have 4 wonderful
children, Nicole at 26 is our oldest & she has our only
grandson(Austin)who is 5, Cody at 16 is our only son, Angelina at 8
who was born with Down Syndrome and loves to draw all day, and our
youngest one Elizabeth at 6 who is also vey artistic & loves to

As far back as I can remember I have either been drawing & painting
or making jewelry. About 7 yrs ago I started making jewelry for
family, friends & also donating items to charities & actions. I have
worked with silver, bali, lampwork beads, crystals and just about
everything else. But I have to say that my current passion & studies
have lead me to Metal working & jewelry design.

I am currently enrolled in the Jewelry Design & Repair course at
Penn Foster Career School & I am enjoying every moment & everything
I have learned so far. Some of the material I have already been
exposed to through classes & research i’ve done in the last 7 yrs.
But there is alot of new things I am learning that can’t wait to use
in my new jewelry designs.

I look forward to meeting alot of new & exciting artists here,
sharing anything & everything I can, and most important…
learning, learning, learning.