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[Welcome] New Members for July 7, 2010


Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Quisha Saunders
North Hollywood, CA. USA

My name is Quisha and I’m an emerging jewelry designer. I was
inspired to start designing jewelry on a creative impulse ignited by
the wonderful fabrics and textures, etc. that I would see while
walking through the fashion district in New York City. I began
wearing the pieces I made, and I received numerous compliments on
them and well, long story short, I was eventually accepted into a
designer incubator and also sold my pieces on consignment in a few
boutiques in NYC. I’ve learned since then that if I really want to
make jewelry design a second career, I need to acquire the skills
necessary to create from a platform of limitless possibility.

Therefore, I’ve chosen to expand my skill-set by learning
metalsmithing, waxworking, etc. What has become brilliantly clear in
the process is that I have A LOT to learn. I just moved to Los
Angeles in March, and I’m currently taking my second class. One
major challenge for me is that I really want to work in gold, but
it’s just too expensive. For now I’ve settled for bronze, but the
tarnishing and other allergic reactions associated with the metal is
not so appealing. And unfortunately, I’m not at all aesthetically
drawn to silver. If anyone can offer a solution - as in a GREAT
alternative to Gold other than Bronze or Brass or Plating - please,
please let me know!

Also, if anyone knows of job opportunities that support a work (as
in paid)-study format, please inform me about that as well. I am
very eager to learn and willing to work hard in the right

I’m excited to be a part of the Orchid forum and hope that I can be
of help to someone as well as learn!

Best, quisha

Brenda Ford
Aurora, CO. USA

Greetings all! I am an aspiring jewelry creator. My love of jewelry
has to purchase unique pieces over the years from various places in
the world. Now I don’t travel as much and want to create my own
unique pieces of jewelry. I bead and I work with PMC clays. I look
for inspiration in all things.

E Becker
Dallas, TX. USA

I am a metalsmith, jeweler, and art and antique restorer.

David E Webster
North Glasgow College
Glasgow, UK

Senior Lecturer in Fine Jewellery with specific responsiblity for BA
(Hons) Degree Programme in CAD/CADCAM and Rapid Prototyping.

George Rousis
Organic iron concepts
Kansas city, USA

Hello, my name is George, some people call me feorge and I stamp my
work Feorged.

Here is my Artist Statement:

I love to move metal. Using the traditions of blacksmithing as a
stepping off point, my organic aesthetic enlivens the fluid movement
of the functional and sculptural ironwork I create. Via the fire,
metal becomes an almost fluid substance, influenced easily by the
strike of a hammer, snap of the wrist or twist of the body, thus
allowing the potential of the material to grow, move and be free.

In addition to my functional and sculptural pieces, I also work on a
smaller scale creating adornments, both for the body and home. I
work with mokume gane, a traditional Japanese technique using
multiple layers of non-ferrous material to create a finished product
with a “wood grained” surface. I build, fire and forge my billets
from scratch enabling me to create unique, one of a kind pieces.

In 97’ I was introduced to fire, pretty hammers, and big anvils. It
is all I’ve known since.