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[Welcome] New Members for July 4, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Jacquelyn Ellen Diamond
Jadia’s Gem Box
River Edge, New Jersey, USA

I am new to the metalsmith aspect of jewelry making. I have been
making beaded jewelry for about 10 years now. I have sold my jewelry
at local flea markets and craft fairs and locally through word of
mouth. I recently became interested in the metalsmith art through
I received from both the Rio Grande jewelry catalog and
the Fire Mountain catalog. I ordered some PMC silver clay, a small
mini torch and screen and created a silver pendant - using my gas
stove and torch, and it came out so beautiful, I was amazed. I have
found a local art school which offers PMC classes and soon will take
my first class. I am also interested in learning to work with gold
clay. I have recently beguneading a book called “How to start a home
based Jewelry Making Business”. I am looking forward to learning
from other jewelry professionals on this forum.

Donna-Lee Bliss
Bliss Designs
Austin, Texas. USA

I am way above average wire worker, looking for something more. I am
just now setting up a home studio for soldering (including a flex
shaft) but have been afraid to turn on the Smith acetylene-air
torch. Then I found the article by Lexi Erickson (I bought the torch
based on other articles by Ms Erickson) titled “Set up your torch,
conquer your fears and commit to your craft.” It answered every
question I have. I believe I’m going to enjoy the Ganoksin Project!

Leonard Cox
Ferndale, California. USA

I’m pretty much a beginner to the field of jewelry design and
fabrication, although I’ve taken two jewelry classes at a local
community college. Currently I am also learning how to use the Rhino
and T-Splines CAD programs, and have been investigating the areas of
rapid prototyping and lost-wax casting.

Professionally I’m a licensed Architect, with about 24 years of
experience in the construction industry.